Southern Grandmas React To Seaweed Snacks

Down here, our grandmothers are the experts in the kitchen. We decided to test their seasoned palates against some not-so-common fare. First up: Seaweed Snacks.


Yuck! [LAUGH] Okay. [MUSIC] And this is edible? Mm-mm, seaweed snacks? [MUSIC] Ooh, seaweed snacks! I don't know, it looks like paper, just some kind of wrapping, almost. I'm open for anything, so we're going to try this. [SOUND] Ugh! That's good. It's light. [MUSIC] Smells like my ex husband's aquarium. This is like swimming in the ocean and opening your mouth. Argh. Can we have more than one? Mm-mm, takes like plastic, like a dried leaf. [MUSIC] It's fishy. [SOUND] I don't like the smell of it, either. Okay. Not that one. [COUGH] If it was good for me, if it would help me lose weight and help wrinkles go away, I'd eat it. [LAUGH] God, it is nasty. No, you can take back. I really hate for you to waste all this but you are more than welcome to have it back. Can I have a napkin? I thought we won some good food. I was thinking cake. Southern food. Really. Really. Where did they get this? And I'm done. [MUSIC] For more southern grandmas react, go to, it's all right. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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