Southern Grandmas React To Mochi

Down here, our grandmothers are the experts in the kitchen. We decided to test their seasoned palates against some not-so-common fare. On their plate? Mochi.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Is this Japanese? My. I don't know how to pronounce this, but is it mochi or mochi? Yummy. Mochi. Macha. Mocha. > Mocha. Mocha, mucha. [LAUGH] Mocha, macha Give me some mocha. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] I have no idea what this is? Now, what's this? No looks good. Yes. And we eat with our fingers and it's looks like it's frozen So what is- Interesting. It looks so yummy. Well yeah I would have expected like jello. Is it cold? It's real cold. is it a vegetable. It's a fruit. That's what I meant. Okay, here is, okay, all right then. There we go. Wow! Look at that color. That is gorgeous. Okay, that is so like my next nail polish. Is it made out of a potato? And I'm wondering if there's something in it. Am I gonna Gonna be delighted with what's in it. You don't having nothing to pick it up? And you just have to pick everything up with your hand? [LAUGH] Come on, what are we supposed to. This is a joke, right? It is. I've had this before. It's Japanese. Okay, I'm making a mess. But I'm gonna bite into this. I don't know if you're supposed to eat the outside of it or not, but I'm going to. All right here goes. Now, now before you say anything negative. Okay, it;s good, it's cold. [LAUGH] This has a creepy texture. [LAUGH] It's cold and wet And it's got some kind of a frosting on it. It's quite good. It's very mild, whatever it is. At first, I was not liking it. I like it. Pretty positive that our parents does not tell everything Mm, yum. My goodness. Okay, I can see inside. It has like an ice-cream inside and a dough around the outside. That's good. What a gorgeous color to decorate with. This would make such a beautiful decoration and it looks like it's real stretchy and You can actually bend it, mould it and so forth. For more Southern Grandmas React. Visit [LAUGH] .com. I couldn't remember. For more Southern Grandmas React visit [APPLAUSE]
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