Southern Grandmas React To Kimchi

Down here, our grandmothers are the experts in the kitchen. We decided to test their seasoned palates against some not-so-common fare. On their plate? Kimchi.


[BLANK_AUDIO] This smells spicy. [MUSIC] Kimchi, kimchi. Kimchi. Well, let's see. This looks like it's cabbage, maybe. I don't even know what this is. Is this Oriental? Carrots and pasta. But the pasta doesn't look like pasta, so it's gotta be something healthy. I have never had kimchi. Kimchi Kimchi but I'm gonna try it. [MUSIC] Mm. Taste like a cabbage, yeah. Okay, let's open up our mind and just take a bite. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Mm. I like this. Nice kick to it. Not too hot to where I'm just like wanting to. You don't have to have something to drink after it, that type of hot. [MUSIC] It is spicy. [LAUGH] You like spicy. I do this. I don't like spicy. [LAUGH] Mm, not quite my thing. I have never heard of kimchi. I have never had kimchi. And I probably will not buy kimchi [MUSIC] No, I do not like this. I would not buy it. Throw it out, get rid of it. [LAUGH] For more Southern Grandmas React. Visit [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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