Southern Grandmas React to Kombucha

Down here, our grandmothers are the experts in the kitchen. We decided to test their seasoned palates against some not-so-common fare. In their glasses? Kombucha.


Ooh, yum. Mm. I hope this has alcohol in it. [MUSIC] Kombucha? Let me smell it. [MUSIC]. This is alcohol. It's very good. I know what's this is, that's a new drinks that explode. That it looks like a juice, maybe a breakfast juice or Health food type drink. [MUSIC] It's good. I don't think I could drink all of it. I'm sorry. No, that's not drinkable. I'm so sorry. [LAUGH] Is it wine? It tastes more like wine, is it a wine? It would make a good cocktail. Almost tastes like Moscato wine, that's what it tastes like. Yes, red Moscato wine. >. Kind of small. [LAUGH] It's kind of sour. It's kind of tangy. I like it. >. I would definitely buy Kombucha, if I'm saying it right. [LAUGH] Kombucha? I don't like kombucha. [MUSIC] And see I would drink this every day. This stuff's expensive, y'all. This tastes better now that we know it's good for us. I would definitely use this in a drink with other things. It just leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth. And I know my family wouldn't care for it at all. [LAUGH] This is a no. No, serious? They were, I think. [LAUGH] Not y'all cup of tea? No. [LAUGH] Cup of tea. Maybe it's better hot. It's still bad in my mouth. [LAUGH] For more southern grandma's react. Visit [MUSIC]
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