Southern Grandmas React To Kid Cuisine

Down here, our grandmothers are the experts in the kitchen. We decided to test their seasoned palates against some not-so-common fare. On their plate? Kid Cuisine.


[LAUGHTER] Looks like a little children's treat. Kid's Cuisine, that's exactly what it is. [MUSIC] Really? Well this is interesting [MUSIC] Yeah, no thank you. [LAUGH] It's a kiddy meal! I love t.v. dinners. We used to eat those a lot. Do you really? Well, yours looks better than mine, so I'm going to take yours. [LAUGH] Kid Cuisine! I do believe I fed my children this. [MUSIC] My grandchildren would love this. I can tell right now. All of them, I have eight. Kid cuisine. Well I guess I should try it because I don't ever get this for grandkids. I wouldn't use the blue. Maybe my age, because I think of hospital. I think mine's chicken parmesan. This looks like maybe a veal cutlet with cheese on top. And then maybe a pizza. Chicken. I think so, it just looks like fish. This is too funny. All the essentials, chocolate, sprinkles, my guess is either chicken or fish. Is this, chicken nuggets or fish sticks? What do you suppose this is? [MUSIC] The meat I think is some kind of fish. Am I right? Chicken nuggets in the shape of a little, I don't know if it's a star. Well that one's a butterfly. This one's a W. This could be a snowman or a dog or whatever you want it to Mm. Mm. Not bad. Actually very good. Wait this is pizza. Pizza. Better then pizza. And there's a little cookie. [LAUGH] Its good somebody did well with this. Mm-hm. Its horrible. What's wrong with them? Ugh! I wouldn't say horrible. And I love the little stars, and it's an American looking pudding. It's really good, if you like processed pudding. Three thumbs down. Okay I'll just do one. It's good. Wonderful. [MUSIC]. Children I have a feed over and they love it. Of all the food, this is my favorite. Funny enough the children's smells my favorite. Yes. For more Southern Grandma's react. Visit [MUSIC]
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