Southern Grandmas React To Chia Pudding

Down here, our grandmothers are the experts in the kitchen. We decided to test their seasoned palates against some not-so-common fare. On their plate? Chia Pudding.


Chia pudding. Ew. [MUSIC] Chia pudding. I have never had it before. Like a Chia pet. Like a Chia pet. Yes. [LAUGH] Not attractive at all. And I kinda like to visually like what I'm eating and to look at what I'm eating. This looks really weird like fish eggs or something. Caviar Cheers. [MUSIC] I like that. Is this octopus? This is good. I like it. I like the crunch. Pointless, yeah, I'm not sure I would buy this. What are they do they have a lot of antioxidants or something in them? I'm not sure what's the point of them. The good thing about them is it fills you up, it's a great thing to eat. It looks like a medical something. Like you'd see in a lab research. I've had enough. It's not bad, but, that's okay. I've had enough. For more southern living grandmas react visit [LAUGH] Perfect. [MUSIC]
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