Sorghum: The Season's Hottest Syrup

Sorghum syrup is a Southern sweetener with a subtle fruity flavor with chicory undertones—perfect for biscuits, barbecue, baking recipes, and more.


[MUSIC]. Sorghum is a grass that's grown in the southern United States and sorghum syrup is a sweetener made by boiling down the juice extracted from the grass stalks. Production peaked in the US way back in the late 1800s and although it has declined since then, sorghum syrup is starting to come back in style. It's got a subtle fruity flavor with some chicory undertones. We love drizzling it over biscuits, stirring it into grits, or swirling it into coffee. It's also a delicious substitution for brown sugar or molasses in barbecue or baking recipes.
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