Pride & Joy Movie Trailer

Watch the preview for the new SFA feature-length film, directed by Joe York and on PBS this spring.


[MUSIC] You can feed me in five star restaurants for two weeks, and at the end of those two weeks, what I'm gonna be cravin is. Some deep down, real southern food. Cornbread and vegetables and all that stuff that I was raised on. [MUSIC] That sign says barbecue 9:30 a.m. Respect that. And the reason I put that sign up is because we're here all night and we have folks waking up so early as 3:30, 4 a.m. And they want the barbecue so bad that they knock on the door, they pull on the door. They try to tear the door open. They knock, they yell, they scream, they get mad, you know, just to try to get it before 9:30. If you really wanna get down to the real reason I drink and love buttermilk is, it will put Viagra out of business. It will make you feel younger than you are. Sometimes, it'll make you embarrass yourself. Well, we're just this little simple sandwich shop. That's all we make are sandwiches. The really unique sandwich we have in here is called a pig ear sandwich. And it's, you know? That's, it's exactly what it is. It's a pig's ear. Now, when you sum up. The bread, the sauce, the slaw, when you mix it all together you say it's good. [LAUGH] Good stuff. Every morning, I start my day with a big cup of coffee in my pastures. I like being there when the sun comes up. [MUSIC] And every evening I end my day with a 750 milliliter glass of wine in my pastures. I like to be there when the sun goes down. [SOUND] And I really don't much care what I have to do between those two events. But it really ticks me off if I miss one of them. [MUSIC] There's a man that called me from Atlanta. One time and he wanted to know how come your hot dogs taste so different? I told him I said, well I said, only thing I can think of. I said well hell, I'm fixing them left handed, maybe that's the difference. So he says, you know something. My wife is left handed, I'm, I'm going to let her fix me some. I said okay. I got them off of the telephone. I'm not kidding. [SOUND] We're killing a few. All together I think we got about six or seven. That'll make a good stew. [MUSIC] Man don't just look at me, grab your knife and scratch. [SOUND] Those that don't scratch, don't eat. That's what they used to say. [FOREIGN] What does that mean? It means you're not supposed to know if you didn't know already. [LAUGH] I never, in my wildest dreams, when I was a little fella, thought I'd be a caviar fisherman. I thought I might be a fisherman, but not a caviar. Fisherman. I don't eat caviar period, to be honest with you. [LAUGH] I mean, you know, I would much rather have some, fried catfish, or dadgum steak, or even [INAUDIBLE], for that matter. [MUSIC] Everybody has a story to tell. That is what is so. Wonderful about Southern Living. I challenge William Poe to tell me about the South. What do they do there in Epsilon Epsilon? Why do they live there, because there's no other place in the world like here, that's why. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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