Meet Chef Joe Randall of Southern Foodways Alliance

Watch our Q&A with one of the founders of SFA and preserver of Southern food culture.


My name is Chef Joe Randall. I'm owner of Chef Joe Randall's Cooking School in Savannah, Georgia. The organization was founded with an interest of preserving the culture. And a heritage of those wonderful Southern cooks who have gone on. And there are people who truly have a feeling about Southern food. And they can't always explain it. But, they know that somewhere they've eaten and they've tasted something that they haven't tasted in years, because. Maybe the person that prepared it is gone on. So, to be able to preserve those authentic Southern recipes is really a gem to, to, to hold onto. Edna Louis was a phenomenal woman who lived and breathed. The thought of Southern food from an angle that is very popular today. But, she understood it thirty forty years ago. That freshness of [INAUDIBLE] the table. That freshness of getting your vegetables right out. And properly preparing them and cooking them so you don't abuse them. She was a special woman. And so if, it was possible for me to cook for her, I'd cook. Probably one of the things that I know she loved most and one of the things that she ate. When I took her to Chicago once were some scrambled eggs and brains. And cuz this was something that I knew was special to her. With a little buttermilk biscuits on the side. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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