Red Velvet Madeleine Display

This wondrous, Wonka-esque dessert celebrates one of the South's most iconic flavors in creative new ways.


[MUSIC] This is a red velvet Madeleine display very simple to make you use a Styrofoam cone take the Madeleines after they have been baked put them in between the seam. Right here, using a wooden pick and press it into the cake. And what we're gonna do is go all the way around and each time you lay one of them madeleines on top it covers the next wooden pick. Just like that. This makes a beautiful display with gorgeous red velvet cake. [MUSIC] Just keep going all the way around until the entire cone is covered with the cake. You can add this to your next holiday dessert buffet and it adds a little bit of a wow factor. You can find more red velvet cake ideas in Southern Living magazine and on [MUSIC]
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