January 2010 Recipes

Find recipes from the January 2010 issue of Southern Living magazine.

Maple Coffee

Pancetta Crisps With Goat Cheese and Pear 

Soups and Salads
Roasted Sweet Potato Salad With Citrus Vinaigrette

Good-for-You Collards 
White Cheddar Cheese Grits 

Main Dishes
Chicken Dijon 
Classic Chicken and Dumplings 
Easy Chicken and Dumplings 
Hoppin’ John Stew With White Cheddar Cheese Grits
Pam-Cakes With Buttered Honey Syrup
Parmesan-Pecan Fried Catfish With Pickled Okra Salsa
Parmesan-Pecan Fried Chicken
Pork Chops With Pepper Jelly Sauce
Sausage-and-Cheese Frittata 
Sausage-and-Ravioli Lasagna 
Shrimp-and-Ravioli Lasagna 
Smoked Turkey Monte Cristo Sandwiches 
Turkey-Black Bean Chili

Easy Berry Cobbler 
Easy Peach Cobbler
Lemon Hard Sauce With Gingerbread 
Upside-Down Caramelized Apple Cake

Apple-Pecan Pie Maple Topping 
Apricot-Ginger Topping 
Blackberry-Basil Vinaigrette 
Blueberry-Lemon Maple Syrup 
Buttered Honey Syrup 
Cherry-Almond Topping 
Citrus Vinaigrette 
Pear-Orange Fruit Topping 
Pickled Okra Salsa 
Vanilla Maple Syrup 

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