July 2012 Recipes

Find recipes from the July 2012 issue of Southern Living magazine.

Bourbon-Peach Cocktail
Garden Cocktail
Honeysuckle-Watermelon Cocktails
Sparkling Cherry Limeade

Cherry Tomato Crostini
Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers
Tomato-Ricotta Bruschetta

Main Dishes
Beer-Battered Fried Fish
Caprese Salad Sandwich
Dixie Caviar Dogs
Greek-Style Dogs
Grilled Tomato-and-Cheese
Muffuletta Dogs
Potato Salad-Stuffed Spuds with Smoked Chicken
Shrimp-Boil Potato Salad
Steak-and-Blue Cheese Potato Salad
Summer Pasta
Texas-Style BLT
Thai-Style Dogs
Tuna Potato Salad

Bacon-and-Caramelized Onion Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies
Jalapeño-Pineapple Hush Puppies
Old-fashioned Tomato Pie
Shrimp-and-Corn Hush Puppies
Tomato-and-Okra Cornmeal Cakes

Soups and Salads
BLT Salad
Grilled Corn-and-Butter Bean Salad
Mexican Tomato Soup
Peach-Ginger Slaw
Smoked Chicken Summer Salad
Tomato Panzanella

Blackberry-Peach Cobbler with Praline-Pecan Streusel
Chocolate-Cherry Cobbler
Chocolate Milk Punch Pops
Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Peanut-Cola Cake
Red Velvet-Berry Cobbler
Summer Fruit Cobbler
Sweet Tea Julep Pops
TennTucky Blackberry Cobbler
Watermelon Margarita Pops
White Peach Sangría Pops

Blackberry Syrup
Buttermilk-Ranch-Herb Sauce
Butterscotch-Bourbon Sauce
Demerara Simple Syrup
Hot Fudge Sauce
Malt Vinegar Mignonette
Mascarpone Cream
Peanut Butter Frosting
Sweet Onion Vinaigrette
Toasted Bun Croutons

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