Meet 2011 White Cake Contest Winner Lynn Brown

Lynn Brown from Centennial, CO, won our 2011 White Cake Contest with her recipe for Chocolate-Gingerbread-Toffee Cake.


[MUSIC] My name is Lynn Brown. And I just won Southern Living's Big White Cake Reader's Contest. This is the cake, the chocolate gingerbread toffee cake. I think the white on it is just really beautiful. I love the dark chocolate in the middle, and the white on the outside. I just think it is a beautiful contrast. We love toffee. And I like to crush it and have the crushed pieces on top. A little bit around the outside to decorate. I like some of the bigger chunks on top. It just looks pretty to me, and decorative on the table. My mother taught me how to make toffee. And we would make it at Christmas. And so that toffee, for me, says southern and also holidays. When I think of toffee and gingerbread, and holidays. It's tradition. And so that always, the smells and the flavors always make that homey family feel. I think the combination, the fact that it is nice and moist. And does have that rich chocolate flavor to balance some of that gingerbread. That, it's got a good reaction. You take a bite of that and it, it is very rich. It does taste really good. And seconds are tempting. [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] Winning the contest, changed my life right away. As soon as I heard I, it was Southern Living. I couldn't believe it. That's, I grew up with Southern Living. That's just something that has been in our family. I have the Southern Living cookbooks. And it was a big deal to me. And I was thrilled, I called my children right away. My friends have been so supportive. It's one of those things where you feel like, you love cooking. You love food. You love being creative. And someone validated that for me. And someone said, nice job. We like this too. And that's wonderful. That's a tremendous compliment for me. I love being creative. And I love taking something and doing something different with it. And, trying something new. And this was something new. I wanna say thank you to Southern Living. It's been a tremendous honor. I feel so blessed to have won this prize. And I'm amazed. Thank you so much.
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