Check Out This Easy Icing Technique for Decorating Sugar Cookies

Southern bakers enjoy decorating their baked goods almost as much as sharing and eating them. An unadorned sugar cookie is delicious straight out of the oven, but why not bump up its appearance and decorate a batch by simply flooding icing on the cookies. With this technique, your cookies will have a silky smooth finish, and can be customized however you'd like. Southern Living's Whitney Wright walks you through the simple steps that show you how to do this easily in your kitchen. You don’t need any fancy pastry tools to achieve this beautiful finish; regular plastic sandwich bags will work well, especially if you are trying this for the first time. Getting started is easy: We like to use this recipe for royal icing; it is a little looser and flows easily across the cookie. Depending on how many colors you will use, divide your icing into separate bowls, blend in the food coloring of your choice, and then spoon your icing into piping bags. Twist the top closed, making your bag cone-shaped, and snip off the bottom tip. You don’t want a real big opening or the icing will just spill out. Start at the outside edge of a completely cooled cookie, and simply pipe the icing all the way around, going in circles until you reach the center. With your other colors, add in designs. Let the cookies dry completely before serving. Follow these easy steps and you'll be flooding royal icing onto your favorite sugar cookies in no time. This is a fun technique to use on holiday cookies anytime of the year, but it is especially ideal in the Spring when you want to make cookies for Easter parties and ladies brunches. As you will see from watching the video, you can customize your colors and designs to suit your needs. Another plus? The flooding technique is perfectly suited for those young bakers who want to help – you simply can’t mess it up!


We bake a lot of cookies here in the Southern Living Test Kitchen and one of my favorite decorating techniques is a wet on wet icing technique. It makes a really beautiful cookie that is sure to make your cookies the talk of the town. So, to do this technique, you want to take a cookie that has been cut out, baked and cooled. And you want to put it on a sheet of parchment paper to catch any icing that may drip-off a bit. And the first we're going to do is flood the cookie with a royal icing that's a little bit of a loser consistency. This icing is made with two pounds of powdered sugar, four teaspoons of meringue powder, and three quarters a cup of water and you just mix that together so you have a nice smooth consistency. And then fill your piping bag or a Ziploc that will work too. And the first thing we're going to do is pipe a ring of icing all around the edge of the cookie. And when you get to the beginning where you started, just keep going in kind of a spiral pattern towards the center until you've covered the entire surface of the cookie. And now what we're going to do is we're going to take a toothpick, and swirl it around in this frosting starting all around the edge just like we did when we were icing it, to make sure that the layer of frosting is smooth and even. Great, so now the fun part. Now, we're going to decorate it. So, I have another color of icing, the same consistency as the first one, the same wet consistency and we're just going to pipe this in a design directly over the wet frosting that we just put on the cooking. And what you can see happens is the wet frosting kind of sinks into the layer of frosting that's already in the cookie and it almost looks like we painted the cookie. Just for fun, let's do another color, and that's it. That's all there's to it. You want to let this cookie sit for about an hour so the icing can dry and then you can stack them and take them with you or you can eat them at home.
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