3 Ways To Shape A Pie Crust

We love a beautifully executed Southern pie, and there's no better way to impress guests than by serving an elegant dessert after dinner. Give your pie crust some pizzazz with these stunning pie crust shaping techniques from Test Kitchen Professional Pam Lolley.


-Here are 3 beautiful ways to shape a pie crust. The first way is by doing a classic crimp. I like to roll my pie crust. If it's going into a 9-inch pie plate, make it about 12 inches 'cause it's gonna give you enough to fold under and work with when you start to crimp. Place it in your pie plate, try to make it as even as you can all the way around. Press it into the bottom and up the sides then I'm gonna just start and fold the edge under all the way around where it's nice and even. Press it in where you know it's fitted and then I'm gonna start with the side closest to me. And with my thumbs underneath and my index fingers on top, I'm just gonna give it a little pinch and you just work that all the way around until you meet the other side. And then I like to take my thumb and just give it a little squeeze like this and it gives it a nice little ruffled effect and it also helps to attach that edge to your pie plate where you won't have any shrinkage. The second way is by adding a V notch to the classic crimp. And this is a little bit different technique, so we're going to take our index finger and our thumb and your index finger here and just push from the back and you're gonna make a nice-- just a V all the way around and just space those nice and even. You might wanna go around just a few of 'em and just press a little bit into the sides of your pie plate so you won't have any shrinkage and there you've got your V notch. Finally, here's how to make a cutout crust. Go ahead and fit it in your pie plate. Press it in. and then we're just gonna turn the sides under. And we're gonna press that just on to the edge where you've got a nice smooth edge because we're gonna use the crust to actually attach our cutouts to. So, as smooth as you can get it. If you'll think of it, it's gonna be your canvass. Set that to the side. Okay, you've got your pie crust out on your mat. You're gonna take one egg white and you're just gonna beat it 'til it's a little bit frothy. The egg white's gonna act as your glue. What I'm gonna do is just cut several out. And if you wanted to, you can take a small paring knife and you can actually give the leaves little veins if you want to, but that's not necessary. It's just fine. And you're gonna take your paintbrush, dip it in your egg white, apply it to the back of your leaf. You're gonna attach it to your pie crust and you can fold it over or top them on top of each other. It's a fun way to do maybe your Thanksgiving pie or holiday day. You could use snowflakes or stars and then you just keep cutting and placing 'em around the edge of your pie until you've got them all the way around. Check out Southern Living for more cooking tips.
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