Your New Fall Side: Farro and Pecan Salad

Georgia-born chef and author Virginia Willis is sharing some fresh, seasonal recipes from her new column, Cooking With Virginia. This farro salad is absolutely perfect for fall. Prepare this seasonal side with fresh lemon juice, some chopped green onion, toasted pecans, tangy goat cheese, dried cherries, and semi-pearled farro.


Hi, I'm Virginia Willis and I'm excited to be here today to share with you fresh seasonal recipes from my new column, Cooking with Virginia. We're going to prepare a Farro and pecan salad that's absolutely perfect for fall. Farro is an ancient grain, it's also known as emmer. There's three different kinds of Farro, whole grain Farro Semi-perlato and pearled. I like using semi-perlato. Semi-perlato has a lot of the health benefits of whole grain but it doesn't require the overnight soaking. Here I have my farro. I boiled it until it was tender, drained it in a sieve and ran it under cold running water. And the cold running water is going to stop the cooking. And the first thing I'm gonna do is gonna add a little bit of acid. So I'm not gonna actually gonna make a dressing separate, I'm simply going to just make the dressing and add it to the grain. So I have a lemon, if you wanted to add the lemon zest you could. I'm simply gonna add the juice. So this is gonna give us a little bit of sour And it's important that when you're composing a dish to think about sour, salty, bitter and sweet. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then now I'm going to add some extra virgin olive oil. And now, I have dried cherries. Now I love these dried cherries. You could also use golden raisins You could use cranberries, I'm gonna add those. I'm also going to add some green onions, it's gonna give us a little bit of bitterness, also, I'm going to add some freshly chopped parsley. For our salty, I'm gonna add Feta cheese. Stir that together. [MUSIC] I'm gonna season this with a little bit of coarse kosher salt. Not too much cuz remember the feta is really salty. And some ground pepper, and now for the star of our show. So here I have some Georgia pecans. Now I love pecans, these have been toasted. It's important to remember to toast any nuts before you add them raw to a salad. And I'm gonna add the pecans, and that is it. What a beautiful salad. But I'm certain you're gonna love it. Bon appetit you all. [MUSIC]
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