Using Frozen Bread Dough

Southern Living Test Kitchens Professional, Marian Cairns, shows how frozen bread dough can be just as good as a homemade recipe.


Hi, I'm Marion with the Southern Living Test Kitchen. Fresh baked bread is one of my most favorite things, but sometimes I don't have time to put together a complicated recipe. Frozen bread dough, which you can buy at your local supermarket, is so convenient, and you can have fresh bread whenever you like. The best part is, is you can either bake the whole bag or just a few. Whatever you need. Simply follow the directions on the package. You're gonna arrange the dough, on a baking sheet, and let it thaw. This'll take about an hour at room temperature. After they thaw, I'm gonna let them rise in a draft-free place, for about another two to three hours. They'll look like this when they're finished. You can see the frozen ones are a lot smaller, and the ones that have risen, are a lot softer. These will go in the oven, at 375, for about 12 minutes. My favorite way of using the baked rolls, is as cocktail sandwiches. You can offer your guests a variety of toppings. I have barbecue here. You'll find that frozen bread dough is great to have around whenever you want fresh baked bread. I hope you enjoyed this tip from the Southern Living Test Kitchen.
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