In Season: Sorghum Syrup

If you’ve never tasted sorghum on a hot buttered biscuit, you’ve only half lived.

Sorghum syrup ina  mason jar

In the mountain South it’s known as long sweetnin’ for its lingering rich-as-honey finish. Steeped in backcountry tradition, sorghum syrup making is an art--a magical, end-of-summer alchemy bottled in a mason jar.

To Buy
Look for 100% pure sorghum syrup at farm stands or specialty markets, or order online. Unlike molasses, sorghum has a buttery complexity.

To Store
Tuck it into a dark kitchen cupboard, ready to drizzle over baked apples, hot cornbread, or a down-home version of caramel macchiato.

To Cook
Substitute it in equal amounts for corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, or molasses in recipes.

To Party
Syrup-making festivals with hand-harvested sorghum cane and mule-drawn presses are held across the South from late August to mid-October.