Selecting BBQ Meats

Contributing Editor Troy Black of the Big Book of BBQ tells you exactly what to look for when buying meat from the color to the amount of fat.


Meat selection, a very important part of grilling and barbecue. I like to buy my meats at wholesale clubs. Where you've got good quality, good selection, and the price is right. Now, one of the things you're going to be wanting to look for is color. The meat color is going to tell you a lot. For instance, with beef, you're looking for a cherry red color to beef. If you come across a piece of meat that is grayish, stay away from it. Okay, it's not fresh. Also, fat content. Don't stay away from the pieces of meat with a lot of fat, because fat is flavor, and it's not always indicative of a bad piece of meat. Me, I like the fat. So, I'm looking for that fat. So, be sure you're shopping at a place that has quality meat, and maybe even a real butcher.
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