Baked Tomatoes with Goat Cheese and Herbed Breadcrumbs

We can think of no better way to use bright, seasonal tomatoes than by marinating them, baking them with soft, local goat cheese, and plating them over flavorful herbed breadcrumbs. This is a beautiful appetizer for company, or a delicious dish to enjoy by itself. Join chef Rob McDaniel of SpringHouse – a restaurant based in Alexander City, Alabama – as he demonstrates how to create these delectable baked tomatoes.


Hey everybody. Rob McDaniel from Spring House on Lake Mutton. HAppy to be here today am gonna be making some baked tomatoes for you. What we'll do to get started, we've got a baking dish here. We're gonna put about a cup of olive oil in there. Some cherry vinegar and then we're gonna take our close garlic just smash those and we're also gonna put in about five or six bay leaves You can take these nice sprigs of basil and just put those at the bottom of the dish. For this I like to use about one inch only per tomato. So we're gonna throw those in. And these are all gonna break down in here as it bakes as well. And then, what we'll do is take our tomatoes. Just take the bottom off of the tomato and the top. And then we're gonna remove the core and typically I don't seize and maize potatoes right away cuz I want the tomato to retain it's liquid and soak in some of the flavours from the marinade. We're gonna wet those marinades for an hour. We're just gonna flip this over real quick and then but I'm going for another hour. [MUSIC] So I've got the broiler on. So we're going to season these with a little salt and pepper. We're going to do this on both sides. Just a little bit to taste. A little pepper and we're ready to go in the oven. Okay, so these have been in the oven for about ten to 15 minutes. So we're going to put the goat cheese on top now and we're going to do about a tablespoon per tomato. Why we did not put that on to begin with is We want our tomatoes to bake. Goat cheese is gonna melt all over the place and not stay on top. And we want that creamy goat cheese on top of the tomato for the finished dish. We're going to pop these back in the oven for about five minutes or so. Until they get nice and bubbly. All right, so we've got these guys out of the oven. The goat cheese has got a nice little bit of color to them. The tomatoes are softened up really well. Really smell the basil and the garlic and the anchovy. So we're gonna let these rest for about five minutes. In the meantime, we're gonna get ready to put these on a plate. So in this dish, I have some breadcrumbs that we've made. Just real simple day old bread. Cut them up, kind of small. Toss them a little bit of butter and cook down until they're nice and golden brown. Once they come out, put them on a food processor and process it until they're nice and small crumb medium sized. You don;t want it super big because you want be able to get this in a bite and not fall off. We're gonna put a little of this in the base of the plate. And what this does is, it helps to keep the tomatoes from rolling around on the bottom. And then we're gonna take a spoon, and we're gonna take some of this nice olive oil. We're gonna drizzle right over the top of the tomatoes. And then were gonna add. Just a little more bread crumb on top and there you have it. These are baked tomatoes, with goat cheese and herb bread crumbs, super delicious. I hope you enjoy, thank you. [MUSIC]
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