Oh My! We Made a Preppy Plaid Pie!

Take your lattice top pie to the next level with a creative plaid pie crust.


[MUSIC] A lattice crust pie is beautiful. But if you want to take your lattice to the next level, you should try this technique. I'm gonna show you how to do a plaid lattice crust on your pie. We're gonna start with your pie dough rolled out, and what you want to do, is cut it into strips. And you're gonna start by cutting thin strips that are about a quarter of an inch wide. So cut two thin strips, and then what you're gonna do is cut a thick strip that's about an inch wide. And now repeat that. Two skinny strips, and one thick strip. And now that we've got our dough cut, we're gonna lay the lattice on the pie. And here's how you wanna do it. You wanna take a thin strip and lay it on the top of a filled pie and then lay a thick strip right next to it and then repeat. Do a thin strip and then a thick strip, alternating all the way across the pie until you've got it totally covered. Once you've got the all the strips laid on the pie vertically, you wanna turn the pie so that the strips are horizontal to you. Okay, so now we're gonna do the lattice parts. What you're gonna do is take all of the thick strips and fold them backwards about halfway down the pie. And then you're gonna take a thin strip and lay it perpendicular to the horizontal strips and fold the thick strips back over. So, now we're gonna do this again, but this time fold the thin strips backwards. [MUSIC] And now we're gonna take another thin strip and lay it on the pie. Fold them back over. And repeat it one more time. This time, again, folding back the thick pieces. And you can see the strips i'm laying perpendicular now. I'm not doing any thick ones. I'm only doing thin ones this time. So, now that we've got this one side done. We're gonna turn the pie and do the same thing on the other side. Fold back the thin strips. Lay a new strip down. And now fold back the thick strips. [MUSIC] One last time. [MUSIC] Alright. The plaid lattice is done, so all we're gonna do is trim any of the dough that's hanging over the edges. Dip your fingers in a little bit of flour so they don't stick to the dough. And secure the lattice topping to the bottom crust just by pinching all around the edge. And that is how you make a spectacular, plaid, lattice crust pie. [MUSIC] For more tips from our test kitchen, go to Southernliving.com.
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