5 Slime-Busting Tips for Okra

Okra tends to gets a bad rap for its slimy texture. Here are five ways to cut down on slime when cooking this delicious Southern vegetable.


Okra is the Southern vegetable. Unfortunately, it gets a bad rap for its slimy texture. Our friend and contributing editor, Virginia Willis wrote a book all about okra. And here are five of her favorite slime-busting tips. Choose small, fresh pods. The smaller the pod, the less slime you'll get. Cook okra at high heat. Roasting at high temperatures, searing in a hot cast-iron pan, deep fat frying, or grilling are some of our favorite okra cooking methods. Wash and dry okra very thoroughly, very thoroughly. If you cook wet okra it will start to steam, which will cause it to slime. Cook okra in small batches. If you overcrowd the pan, you're gonna bring the heat down and start steaming and sliming the okra. Add an acid while you're cooking okra. We add chopped up tomato, a splash of lemon juice, vinegar, or wine, to add flavor and cut down on slime. Find more tips and recipes in Southern Living.
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