TK Tip: Making Herbed Butter

Making flavored butters couldn't be any simpler and Southern Living's Test Kitchens Professional Marian Cairns will show you how.


Hi, I'm Marion with The Southern Living Test Kitchen. Making flavor butters couldn't be any simpler. We like to make these in the Test Kitchen when we have extra herbs left over. It really dresses up a meal. Just start with softened butter. You add your herbs, such as thyme, a little bit of citrus, you could also add a little pepper or red pepper to spice it up. Simply just stir this together. You want to make sure to incorporate all the ingredients. Okay, this looks about right. Now you can cover this with plastic wrap and keep it in refrigerator for a few days. But, what I like to do, is wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in freezer, it'll keep for well over a month. Just lay your plastic wrap out and just spoon the butter into the center. Lay the plastic wrap over the butter. And then you can shape this into a log. This'll make for easy slicing at the last minute. And as I'm doing that, I'm rolling it forward, and then twist the ends. Once this is chilled, simply unroll it, and slice off your desired amount. I'm putting this over hot, steamed, green beans, but you could toss it into fresh pasta or over a grilled steak.
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