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Join Callie Blount, food blogger at Luv Cooks, in making an easy, delicious twist on Sweet Potato Casserole that's sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. With just 7 ingredients, we'd recommend serving these Sweet Potato Puffs – recipe originally by Faye House from The Nashville Cookbook – to dinner guests.


Hey y'all, thanks so much for joining us today as we're making sweet potato puffs. Now some of you, I know, may be very familiar with sweet potato casserole, but this is the 1976 version, Of a marshmallow essentially wrapped in sweet potato, then rolled in corn flakes, and baked. And let me just tell y'all this is absolutely delicious. It's so simple, it's so easy. And I highly advocate it for a holiday actually because if you're like me you're in the kitchen cooking. And there are people constantly coming in complaining about being like ravenously hungry, like they've literally never eaten a meal in their lives So, just throw this in the oven and make some sweet potato puffs. Serve them around like an appetizer. Brilliant and they're gonna think you're the best hostess ever. All right, you all, let's get started. So, we're gonna start, this recipe I like to say four, four, four and four, okay? So, all you've gotta remember is a bunch of fours. We have about four large sweet potatoes right here in this bowl that I have already boiled. All I've gotta do to make the sweet potato mixture is I'm gonna pour in four table spoons, four, of melted butter. Than I'm gonna do four table spoons of dark brown sugar and then four table spoons of heavy cream. [SOUND] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] A little bit of brown sugar. [LAUGH] [SOUND] Does that sound so weird? [LAUGH] [SOUND] All right we're just gonna whip these together. [LAUGH] [SOUND] And you're simply just gonna do this until they get really smooth, really nice and smooth. Awesome. Also, it's really hard to be lady like when a squelching noise is coming out of our cake, [LAUGH] so please forgive that but I promise it's gonna taste really good and be totally worth your effort. All right, y'all this is getting about the consistency that we want And like anything delicious in life, if there's a little bit of lumps in it, just like when you're making mashed potatoes and you're mixing, that's totally okay here. This does not have to be a perfect casserole by any stretch of the imagination. [NOISE] So I feel like we're nice and whipped up here. I'm gonna try and gently get this thing out. And you see that was the hardest part of this recipe. So, y'all if you are intimidated by making sweet potato casserole, this is the easy version that's gonna taste great, all right. Now, that our brown sugar are everywhere. Let me clear this off a little bit, wipe my hands, get a paper towel here And, okay. So, the next set of steps we're going to do involve jumbo marshmallows, and crushed corn flakes. So, the beauty of this, let me clear these bowls, is that crushing corn flakes is actually very therapeutic. I don't know if y'all have ever done this. I mean, there's the typical method, were you put them in a bag, you wrap them in a towel and you bang on them with a hammer. But you know what let's cook [UNKNOWN] a little gentler so what I like to do is actually use your hands and crush them like this. Put them in a big bowel crush them up with your hands and something about that is very stress relieving. So if you've had a hard day get a bowel of corn flakes. Crush them up in your hand, you're going to feel better. Not really quite sure why. Okay and the one last thing, after we have our sweet potato mixture ready. You have a choice of adding in some chopped pecans. Now growing up I would eat sweet potato casserole with these amazing butter, brown sugar pecans baked on top. So I actually really like using pecans here. So I have about a half a cup of chopped pecans that I'm going to stir in. And one other key to this recipe is that when you're making it, you want to make sure you have a spatula, just because it makes it so much easier to mix, and rubber spatulas have an ability to kind of cling to a bowl and get all the little bits out. So as you're mixing in these pecans, it's a really easy way to do it. Also side note about the national cookbook. So this recipe comes out of a section called vegetables. And I know typically when southern people think about vegetables they're thinking about squash and zucchini maybe some black peas. But the cool thing about the National Cookbook, is it takes some more sweet vegetables, like sweet potatoes and does some really cool and interesting things with them. And so with this recipe it actually talks about the history of the Hermitage, which is Andrew Jackson's home that he built, seventh president of the United States. And at the Hermitage It was also a plantation, so they did a ton of entertaining. And I'm gonna talk to you about the history of this as I do this. They did a tone of entertaining, entertain people like James Polk and former presidents, Confederate generals, really famous French people that I cannot pronounce their name to you. But one of the funny facts about this place was Andrew's wife Rachel was known for loving to have people over, [UNKNOWN] cook style. And she did it all the time. And Andrew Jackson has a quote about if Rachel wasn't such a good manager, we would literally be broke from entertaining. Which, for those of you who like to entertain, you understand that. I thought that was a funny little quote about Andrew Jackson and his wife. And the Hermitage, which is a super cool place. If you're ever near Lebanon, right in Nashville Come check it out, it's really beautiful. All right, so we're gonna take our marshmallows, and these are jumbo size, so they're not the large ones. They're, if you're in the store, you're looking, they come in this huge bag and they're pretty, pretty ginormous. So we're gonna take our marshmallow. Put it in to our sweet potato mixture and just roll it around. This is a great recipe for kids. I mean, I know as a kid I loved getting messy in the kitchen. I thought it was so much fun to like take flour and throw it everywhere which drove my mom insane. But for this recipe. It's a good fit. And like I said, this does not have to be perfect. This is a fun, free for all recipe. You can just get your hands dirty and mix it around. All right, y'all, so you're just going to cover it with corn flakes and then transfer it to, about a nine by thirteen pan. I'm going to move this in a little bit closer here. And so you just repeat this with all your marshmallows Take your marshmallow, dunk it in the sweet potato mixture, make sure it gets nice and evenly coated, all round here. And this is the part too with kids, make sure that the one who likes to make the biggest mess is on this job because they'd have a blast. And then dunk it in your cornflakes, use your hands, get messy These are so delicious straight out of the oven. These are now taters, these are not later taters, you know what I'm saying? So make sure you eat them right out of the oven, cuz warming them up in the microwave, not so successful. They're still good, but they're just so much better right out of the oven. So like I said, if you have a bunch of hungry people in your kitchen, make a batch of these, feed them up. And I'll make them feel a whole heck of a lot better. Okay. So we're just gonna keep on going with out marshmallows. Roll them in the corn flakes. And put it. Fit in our pan. Typically I can fit about two rows of four in the baking pans that I use, but even if you wanna make a really large pan, you could get bigger than a 9 by 13 and make more if you're feeding, say, more than 8 people. All right, you all, we are on our last marshmallow here. And as you can see my hands are gummy, there's corn flakes everywhere. There's probably stuff in my hair. I appreciate y'all loving me anyway, and we are gonna do this last one, right here, beautiful. Just enough corn flakes here and I estimate needing about five cups of crushed corn flakes, so if you can just remember you know our four, four, four and four and then five for five cups of crushed corn flakes. All right, y'all. So that's all together. I'm gonna wipe my hands off here. And then we're gonna take this out, put it in a 375 degree oven for probably about 15 minutes, until the marshmallows get nice and melty. So I'll see y'all in 15. So our sweet potato puffs have been baking for 15 minutes at 375 degree oven so I'm about to take these out. I wish y'all were here with us it smells like sweet potato delicious heaven in here. Gosh I wish y'all were here. Alright I'm gonna grab it out of the oven. My goodness. Shut the oven door. It's important. Don't leave your oven door open. Alright, y'all so here it is, live and in person, sweet potato puffs. And, I want to give a shout out to Fay House, she is the writer, original, developer of this recipe. And Faye, I'd love to know you one day, because you did a beautiful job. All right guys all you got to do now is serve it up to your hungry guest. I'm gonna take one out right here, show you all. Look at this you all. Gooey, delicious, yumminess, all sweeped out on a plate. Awesome. If you were here, I'd serve it right to you and I think it would knock your socks off. Y'all thanks so much for joining us for this episode of Luv Cooks the sweet potato puffs. And from our kitchen to yours, much love. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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