How To Make a Lattice Pie Crust

Make the perfect lattice pie crust with this easy step-by-step technique.


[MUSIC] In the Southern Living test kitchen, we are suckers for an old school lattice crust pie. So I'm gonna show you, how to do a lattice crust. You wanna start with your pie dough that's been rolled out. And so what you're going to do is take your cutter. I use a little rolly cutter, you can also use a knife. You wanna cut your pie dough into strips that are about three quarters an inch to an inch thick. [MUSIC] [SOUND]. Okay. So, I've cut all my strips, and now what we are gonna do is take a filled pie and start laying the strips in one direction across the pie and you wanna use the shorter strips towards the ends of the pie [MUSIC] And now what we're gonna do, is we're gonna turn the pie so that the strips are horizontal to you. Now, we're gonna do the lattice work. So to do this, you wanna take every other strip and fold it backwards about half way down the pie. Then you gonna take a new strip and lay it perpendicular to the horizontal strips. And you wanna take the strips you've folded over, and fold them back. [MUSIC] Now, we're gonna do it again, but this time take the strips that you didn't fold over, and fold them. [MUSIC] Now we're gonna lay another strip perpendicular and then fold. [MUSIC] I'll fold the strips back over, perfect. And so now all we have to do is do the other side. So turn the pie, and take the top strip, fold it over, skip a strip, and then fold this one over, lay another one perpendicular. We're just gonna do it one more time. [MUSIC] Alright, hard part's over. Now, all you wanna do is trim the dough around the edges, and now put a little bit of flour on your fingers so they don't stick to the dough. And go ahead and pinch all the way around the pie to secure the lattice to the bottom crust. There it is, a lattice-top pie. Really easy. For more baking tips, go to [MUSIC]
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