Holiday Hotline Tip: Introduce New Thanksgiving Dishes

This Thanksgiving, introduce new dishes that will become family-favorites in no time!

Turkey Troubles? Contact the SL Holiday Hotline:
800/366-4712 ext. 66531
Twitter and Facebook: #SLHotline


[MUSIC] A reader asked, we always have the same thing every Thanksgiving. But this year I want to try something new. Any tips on how I can do this successfully without a family revolt? Actually I come from a family of finicky eaters and they're not afraid to complain at the dinner table. So several years ago I started involving everyone in creating our holiday menus. This was really one of my more genius moves because it gives me total control over the menu but everyone has a voice in the details. A couple of weeks before the holiday, I'll email a list of possible dishes broken down by course and ask everyone to vote. Majority rules. As you consider the options for your menu let everyone know that you'll be making grandma's rolls. And nobody will get anxious. And remember, if you're trying something new for the first time be sure you do a practice run before Thanksgiving. [MUSIC]
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