How To Unmold a Congealed Salad

Learn how to unmold a delicate congealed salad with this helpful tip from Deputy Food Editor Whitney Wright.


Nobody knows a congealed salad like a Southerner. So in the Southern Living test kitchen, we've got a great method for dealing with the trickiest part, which is getting it out of the mold. Once your congealed salad is molded, you wanna take a bowl or a casserole dish and fill it with hot tap water. You don't wanna use boiling water because that's gonna melt the whole salad and you'll have a huge mess on your hands. So you wanna take the congealed salad and gently submerge the bottom of the mold into the hot tap water for 5 to 10 seconds. Now you wanna take your serving piece and invert it over the salad, now this is the scary part. Ready. Three, and it should, give a little wiggle, slide right out. So now you have a beautiful congealed salad. You can see some of the edges might be a little bit soft from the hot water, so you can just pop it back in the fridge and they'll firm right up.
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