How To Roll a Roulade

Don't fear the roulade! Uncover the easiest way to roll a roulade with this helpful tip from Deputy Food Director Whitney Wright.


I love roulade cake. It is way easier to assemble than a layer cake, but looks just as impressive on the table. So this is how we roll a roulade in the Southern Living test kitchen. You wanna take your cake out of the oven and let it cool for about 10 minutes. And then sprinkle the entire surface very liberally with powdered sugar. We're gonna turn this cake out onto this parchment paper. When you sprinkle with powdered sugar, that will keep if from sticking. So we're gonna turn it out onto this piece of parchment paper. It's a little scary, but you can do it. Ready? Perfect. So once you have it turned out, you wanna very gently peel the bottom piece of parchment paper off the cake. It should come off pretty easily. The Roulade is still a little bit warm, but that's what we want because we're gonna trick it right now into having a roulade shape. And we're gonna do that by gently rolling it using the parchment paper as our guide into a roulade. You wanna be gentle with it, but you wanna roll the roulade pretty tightly. So after you've rolled the roulade, you wanna tuck under the ends to help it keep its shape and let if cool to room temperature. Now I've got one here that's already been cooled, and what we're gonna do is gently unroll it. And if you see any cracks in it, don't worry about it. You'll cover em up with the frosting. We're gonna take our filling and you wanna spread it onto the cake, leaving about an inch on the sides, and at the farthest end from you, you wanna also leave about an inch; in that way, when you're rolling it, it won't spill out of the sides of the cake. Okay, so we've got our frosting, the nice even layer on the cake, and now it's time to roll again. So be sure to use the parchment paper as your guide. It really helps. This time don't roll the parchment into the cake. You just wanna roll it, just like this, and use the parchment to help push the cake along. And you wanna roll it tight, but again you wanna be gentle. And when you get to the ends, you just wanna tuck the parchment paper under to help it keep a nice shape and then figure out where the seam of the cake is, and you wanna put that seam on the bottom on the counter, and keep it rolled up until you're ready to serve it.
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