How To Make Reindeer Cookies

Learn how easy it is to make these adorable Christmas cookies with your kids.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Vanessa Rocchio from the Southern Living test kitchens and we're gonna make some cookies. My favorite thing to make, during Christmas time. We're gonna start by making, no bake, Reindeer cookies. Woo. Aren't they so cute. I love these things. These are great for the kids to make. So, much fun. First ,we have the frosting. I like the classic white, frosting. The whipped frosting doesn't really work that well. And, an easy way ,to make your own piping bag, is take a zip top back ,and place it inside a glass. Frosting in the bag, you can just scrape the spatula up against the zip top bag. Hold the bag up, and you have a piping bag ready to go. Squish it down to the end, take a pair of scissors and clip the end. So that process is done, all ready for the next part. We have, peanut butter cookies. You really keep peanut butter cookies, you break them in half, set them aside, right where you're going to work, and then we move to the pretzels, for the antlers. Everybody, that's tried to cut these pretzels, tends to break them into pieces. So ,I learned that ,if you take a knife, and pop it on top of the round part of the pretzel, it makes it really, easy. So go all the way around ,and you have perfect little antler just like that. Place a dolup at the top. Of the cookie, and then also the bottom of the cookie. And the reason I do that, it kind of balances the cookie out once you put the antlers in. Take the antler and press it into ,the frosting at the top ,and then at the other end, take the cookie and place it on top. Now we add ,the eyes to the reindeer. Placing one dallop, right next to the other one, on top of the cookie and then one dallop at the bottom of the cookie for the nose. Take the M&Ms. You can have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, just make sure you take the M emblem and place it towards the frosting. Gently, press down. [MUSIC] And, you can start to see em come alive and then, we wanna make sure ,he's a little bit like Rudolph, so we add a red M & M for the nose. [MUSIC] Isn't he cute and saw how easy this was and they taste great and the kids go crazy. Perfect for Santa too. Love it. [MUSIC]
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