How To Make Creamed Corn

Recipe: Creamed Corn

There are a few essential ingredients for delicious creamed corn: the freshest cobs, a handy corn creamer, and time. Don't worry, this Southern classic is well worth the wait.


[MUSIC] Creamed corn is a Southern classic and there are a few tricks to making it well. Start by getting your hands on the freshest corn you can find. Then, make sure you not only use the kernels, but the corn milk that's hiding in the cob. We love this Norpro corn creamer. It does all the work for you. The Norpro corn creamer does two things. Removes the kernels, as well as scrapes the cob for all the milk, the two things essential for creamed corn. To use it, simply run your cobs along the blade over a bowl to catch the kernels and the milk. To make great creamed corn, you need time. Slowly cook the corn and corn milk over low heat. Cook it this way for about 30 minutes to bring out all the flavor and natural starches in the corn. While you're cooking your corn over low heat, you wanna stir often to prevent any sticking. You can add a little water to your creamed corn, a tablespoon at a time if needed, to prevent it from being dry. This looks perfect. As you can see we're getting lots of nice creaminess. Now, I'm gonna stir in the cream. I'm gonna stir in the butter. And cook for another five minutes. You're gonna remove your creamed corn from the heat, add a little salt, and some pepper. And it's ready to go. Nice, creamy, and delicious. For more tips from our test kitchen, go to [MUSIC]
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