How To Make Chocolate Roulade

Recipe: Chocolate Roulade

Learn how easy it is to make a decadent and impressive Chocolate Roulade just in time for Christmas.


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Rebecca Gordon, Southern Living, Test Kitchen Director. And I'm gonna show you how to make a chocolate [INAUDIBLE]. Simply chop one 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate baking bar. Stir this mixture around. Until it's smooth. I'm gonna separate some eggs; the eggs whites first, and then, the yolks. Now, what you're looking for is this pale, lemon, yellow color. And, it almost falls like a ribbon from the whisk attachment. We're gonna simply, whisk this egg mixture, into our chocolate mixture. You want to make sure that it's nice and incorporated. Now, we're ready to whip our egg whites. Fold this mixture into our chocolate. And egg yolk mixture. You want add only a little bit at a time, so that you don't deflate the egg whites. I like to actually twist the bowl, so that, everything incorporates relatively evenly. Just take the back of your spatula, and just. Just spread that into each corner of the pan, evenly. Alright, in the oven it goes. This will bake in a 325 degree oven for 15-18 minutes, or until it's puffed. When you remove the cake from the oven. And, you'll place a damp dishtowel over the surface of the cake. That damp dishtowel is gonna allow you to roll the cake easily. Now, that our cake is cooled, I'm gonna, just simply, remove the dishtowel. And, then, dust it with a little bit of cocoa powder, and that'll stick right to the surface of the cake. Our next step is to invert the cake. Just simply, flip the entire thing. And that parchement paper, since we greased it earlier, should come right off the back of that cake. Now we're ready to make the filling for our cake. It's just simply a little whipped cream, along with this sugar, and some Grand Marnier. Alright, now, we're ready to fill our cake. Spread the whip cream over the entire surface of the cake, and then, we'll be ready to roll it up. Now, this part might be the most intimidating, for most people, but it really is easy. [SOUND] You'll simply wanna use your parchment papers as your guide. And, we'll begin rolling the cake into itself. And there, again, you're using the parchment paper, to simply roll that cake up. And, I'm really not putting any pressure on this, at all. And, then, when you get to the very end, like so, I'm just gonna wrap the parchment paper over itself. And, then, I like to use a baking sheet, that doesn't have a lip on it. And, you can slide this cake directly, onto this baking sheet, to get it into your refrigerator. [MUSIC] We're ready to garnish our cake. Alright, you'll simply wanna, just cut the ends off of the dessert, so you have nice, clean edges. And, then, we'll pick up the parchment paper, and just simply, transfer that to a serving platter. Use the parchment paper as your guide, to remove that. Onto the platter, gently pressing, with your hands, or a spatula. To cover any imperfections, you can dust with additional cocoa powder, if you like. I like to serve this with a little fresh fruit on top. Raspberries and strawberries are, always, a nice option. It goes really well, with the creaminess of the dessert. And, a little fresh mint gives it, just the right amount of color. For more holiday inspiration, pick up a copy of Southern Living. And, visit us at
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