How To Keep Your Knives Sharp

Sharp knives are essential to a Southern cook's success. Whether you're chopping up fresh produce from your garden or slicing into the season's first watermelon, this tip will help prolong your knife's use. Learn how to keep knives sharp and ready to go with a honing steel tool with this tip from Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin.


A sharp chef knife is an essential tool of the kitchen, and maintaining that knife's sharpness can be done by using a honing steel. A honing steel is not used for sharpening, but simply for maintaining. You'll always wanna make sure that your steel is as long as your knife. And you want to use about a 22 and a half degree angle, which can be easily found by parting at 90, going to 45, and landing at about 22 and a half. Gonna make nice [NOISE] long [NOISE] strokes [NOISE], and a length of your honing steel [NOISE] until you've achieved a nice sharp blade. [MUSIC]
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