How To Freeze Cake

We've got a new make-ahead tip that we know our hostesses will love! Deputy Food Director Whitney Wright demonstrates how to freeze cake—without the freezer burn!


One of our favorite things to make in the Southern Living Test Kitchen is cake. Not just because we have a sweet tooth, but because it's one of the best foods to make ahead, and then freeze. To freeze your cake layers, you wanna let them cool completely. And then, you wanna wrap them very tightly in plastic wrap. Once you have one layer of plastic wrap, wrap it in another one. After you have it wrapped in plastic wrap, wrap it in some tin foil for some extra protection against freezer burn. Now, you wanna lay your wrapped cake layer on a flat surface like a baking sheet. That way, one surface of the cake will have a flat surface, making it easier to layer and frost later on. And when you're ready to use the cake, simply leave it on the counter and let it defrost for about an hour.
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