How To Eat Blue Crab

Test Kitchen Professional Vanessa Rocchio shows you an easy way to eat blue crab.


[MUSIC] Here we go. Hi, I'm Vanessa Rocchio from Southern Living Test Kitchen, and I'm gonna teach you how to eat some crab? Sweet, delicious and easy to do. So come on, let me show you. [MUSIC] The crab's already cooked, and they have a little bit of seasoning on them, and we're gonna take the legs off the crabs. You can see how easily these twist off [SOUND], just like that. Just make sure you have a nice work surface that's easy to clean up, that maybe has some newspaper down or some other paper. Now set the claws aside, because that's the best part. Then we're gonna turn the crab over. You see this right here? It's called the apron. And sometimes [SOUND] it's easier just to take a knife and pull it up. Pull that off and throw it away. So, what you've done now is you made a perfect pocket for your fingers to get in between the crab and break it apart. So, here we go. See, how easy? Look at all that stuff inside. Now, some people are a little intimidated by the green stuff that's in there, but some people like it as a seasoning, but you can just throw it away if you don't want to eat it, very simple. So I just keep cleaning this, and these are called the dead man's fingers right here, also called the gills or the lungs. Throw those away too, don't want to eat them. So just you can see how easy they just pull off, now do this on both sides of the crab. Pull this off too. Break the crab in half and you're starting to see that delicious meat. You can use your fingers and pull this apart. And you can just see the gorgeous lump crab meat. Just keep picking. You can pick and eat at the same time. It's delicious. Then, when it comes to the claws, sometimes it's real easy just to pop the claw and then pull the meat out, just like that, and eat it. Or you can take a pair of scissors [SOUND] and cut into the claw. See how easily that came out! There's also cartilage in the inside, so just make sure that you pull it out when you eat it. So you can do this with the rest of the legs, start to gently pull this out. This is so good. Mm, sweet and delicious. So, for your next family party or get together, enjoy some crab and don't forget the napkins. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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