The Best Way to Clean Collards

Collards are a staple of Southern cooking and you’re not a bona fide Southern cook until you’ve mastered the art cleaning your collards.


[MUSIC] If you want to call yourself a Southern cook you have to learn how to clean your collards. First you're gonna rinse any soil or grit left over on the leaves. Put them in the biggest bowl you have in cold water. Depending on how big your bowl is you might have to do some batches. Agitate the leaves with a wooden spoon to get all the grit to fall to the bottom. Your first instinct might be to drain the leaves, but it's best to grab them out of the water with your hands or tongs so you don't wash the grit right back over them. Next stack your collard leaves up and cut a V shape to get rid of the big, thick stems. Once you've removed the stems roll the leaves into cigars and slice them. Now you're ready to fix up your potlicker and cook them. [MUSIC]
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