How-To Boil Shrimp

Timmy Cheramie shows his secrets to perfectly boiled shrimp.


Fresh shrimp, doesn't need no seasoning. [MUSIC] Just needs to be cooked. Then we'll get, then we'll get the pot of water ready to boil. [MUSIC] How long is it going to boil? You gotta boil your potatoes for about, about at least ten minutes and then were gonna pull one out and check it out. [MUSIC] With this, what exactly does it do? Is this something that is. Seasons your water to boil your shrimp and all. This is the dry version of it. Wow [CROSSTALK] That's good. Wow. Blends in your water and makes a spice, you know. [MUSIC] Do you ever get sick of eating shrimp? [MUSIC] No. No? No. You get tired of eating 'em fried, you find another way to cook 'em. You can cook shrimp many, many kind of ways. [MUSIC]
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