Live with Holley Grainger: Strawberry-Mango Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

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Join us live with nutritionist Holley Grainger, who is demonstrating a sweet summer treat – Strawberry-Mango Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips. This fresh dish makes a colorful (and easy!) appetizer for backyard summer parties, or try bringing a container of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips along to the tailgate.


Hey, everybody, Holly Granger here for Southern Living. I am a mom of two little girls, and a registered dietician. And I am so excited. This is my very first Facebook Live for Southern Living. And I am thrilled to be here today to share my strawberry-mango salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Now I want to show you how to make the tortilla chips first. It's very easy. I'm using a corn tortilla, this is a white corn tortilla but you can also use flour Tortillas, or sometimes you just have to take a little cheat, and that's cool too. So you can even buy cinnamon tortilla chips. I'm just gonna use some cooking spray, you can also use butter. Spray your tortilla down, sprinkle it with some cinnamon, [BLANK_AUDIO] And some sugar. That was my sugar, let's get that cinnamon on there. Just sprinkle, sprinkle, doesn't have to be an exact amount, just wanna get it nice and [UNKNOWN]. And then I love to just use my pizza cutter, so I just roll it into 8 triangles. So you wanna make a T and then go right back across. Now, these will bake in the oven for about 8 to 10 minutes at 400. Kinda depends on how hot your oven is. So keep on eye, you don't want them to burn. So you'll just turn to the vent to a baking sheet. No need to grease the baking sheet or anything like that. Torture them to the baking sheet and you;ll pop in this in the oven. I actually have some better already hot and crispy. So slip this out. [SOUND]. These are perfect. I wish you could smell these. See, they're nice and crispy on the edges, I went kind of heavy on the cinnamon because I love cinnamon on my tortilla chips when I'm making it with the fruit salsa. So I'll just set these here and let them cool. Perfect. You all look for that nice, crispy brown edge. Get rid of some of this mess right here. And we will start with the salsa. Now if you're just jumping up, I'm Holley Grainger. I'm a registered dietician and I actually used to be a food editor at Southern Living. You can find me on Facebook at Holley Grainger Nutrition. It's Holley, H-O-L-L-E-Y. Grainger, I always have to spell it. It's always that funny spelling. But I'm at Holly Grainger Nutrition. This recipe is actually one of my own recipes. So we'll make sure to share the recipe and all of the steps that you need in the comments. When we post this, but for now I want to go in to the salsa. I just showed you how to make the tortilla chips. These are cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. Here's my favorite trick. Now I'm a mom of two little girls. Ellie, who's four, and Francis, who is two. They love to help me in the kitchen So I'm never so sure about giving them knives. I'm all about letting them help but this point still they get a little excited. So I have a great trick and fun way to help them have some fun and help me in the kitchen by holing strawberries with a straw. So all you do is stick it in the end of your strawberry right here. And then you just pop it right up. Now some strawberries have a larger hole then others so you may have to pull that out and go back in again. But this saves so much strawberry versus chopping off the top. Now of course we get a little inappropriate in the kitchen and then start to just spit them at each other from the straw, I may show you that in just a minute. See how comfortable we are whether we know each other or not. All right. So you just, again, pop it right through, take it right out, let's see if I can get it to work now. Ready? Woo, there we go, [LAUGH] just in time for Cinco De Mayo, right? So, it's what we like to do, it's all about having fun with your kids in the kitchen, but this is a great trick to bring them in and let them help. So all you do again, take your straw Stick it right in, you wanna try to center it. And then push it through, and push that hull out, that white part, that yucky part that you don't necessarily want to eat. Plus I'm all about trying to not waste ingredients. Strawberries are in season right now, and every little bite is super yummy. Now this one's a little bit big, so if you have a small paring knife You can just chop off some of this white. That white part doesn't really have a lot of the flavor that you're looking for. Let me do two more really fast, and then we will get these chopped. For this recipe, you want to use about two cups of chopped strawberries. Now, you can easily. Double the recipe or cut it in half. But let me tell you, you will want to eat all of this. I could eat almost the whole serving by myself. The actual recipe makes about two and a half to three cups, and it is easy to eat. Now all you do is chop your strawberries. If you like a finer dice, you can do that, or just rough chop. This is not about perfection. And let me tell you, I'm a mom, I'm a home cook, and I'm just all about getting in the kitchen and doing what's simple and practical. It doesn't have to be perfect, and what I like to say is there's really no reason to be intimidated by fresh fruits and vegetables. Doesn't have to look a certain way. Just get in the kitchen and do it. You don't have to go to culinary school to enjoy yummy, delicious produce like these strawberries. So I don't know about you guys, but since strawberry season is going on right now, we love to go pick strawberries. If you guys like picking strawberries or have a favorite place to pick them, leave a comment or give this video a like and let us know. We are always looking for new places to feature. So if you have a favorite place where you like to pick your strawberries, leave us a message and let us know where you like to go. So I have about two cups in the bowl and now I'm going to show you another one of my favorite tricks. Now a lot of people, I did cooking demos quite a bit and a lot of people don't know how to cut a mango. Or I've watched them and I'm like no, no they're so much easier. So one thing to look for, every mango has a bump and that bump is the seed. Now if you find the bump, and put your finger on the bump, you can figure that that's about the width of the seed. So the seed runs lengthwise. So you want to pretend like if this is your body, and you were standing, and here's the seed, you wanna cut off your tummy and cut off your rear. So let me show you. Find the seed, somewhere right in that middle, and you wanna cut off that tummy. And see there's your white seed, right there. And then flip it, and cut off that back. You want to leave- feels some pressure. You see how my knife has a little pressure, that's the seed. So just change the angle of you knife. You can see right there, cut into it a little bit. So you cut these sides off. Now the seed is about this wide, so let me show you. It gets a little bit slippery so you have to be careful. But you can go right around the edge and you really, once you do it once or twice, you'll know. You can feel it. So you just go right around the edge of that seed, there it is. And I'll tell you what, when my girls were young, the were the worse teethers. And a mango seed like this Is the perfect little teether for a child. Because they can't swallow it. Because it's so large but they can chew and chew. My girls used to gum mango seeds all day long. So there's your little extra mommy tip for you. But now that you have, you don't want to eat the skin of the mango. So just lay these little sides down flat. You want to make your knife nice and flat And just take it right along and just chop, chop. It's a little bit stringy. That's okay. You can just pop that piece right into your mouth. Yummy. Now I have to talk with my mouth full right? All right so let me show you. Let me cut this other little piece really fast. Okay. So we're gonna chop, chop eat. That's kinda the way I like to do it when it comes to mango. Chop, chop get that in my bowl. Mango gets really slippery, so if you're using a sharp knife, you've gotta be careful. But I will say it's important to use a super sharp knife. You actually have more chance of injuring yourself when you use a dull knife versus a sharp knife. Now let me show you Another one of my favorite tricks. I want chopped mango for the salsa. If you don't feel comfortable use a towel so you don't cut your hand. I know the feel of it, so not going to. But you can put a towel in your hand. Then you want to score to the skin. Just make like a tic-tac-toe board and don't press it all the way through YOu can see this has not been punctured but I'm cutting my mango. And then you want to go in the opposite direction. Now depending on the size that you want your pieces cut, the size that you want your chop. I'm doing about the same size as my strawberries. Will depend upon how large you make the scores in between. Now heres fun trick number two, we did the straw I'm using a wine glass. You can use any type of glass you have on hand, but I like that wine glasses are nice and thin, and kind of almost sharp. You just wanna feed this right into your wine glass. You can see right here and then just scoop it out. You sometimes have to wiggle it a little bit. But here we go, I have pulled all the mango. All the mango out of the skin. And everything is nice and chopped. So I'm just gonna put all these chops into my bowl. Now if some of these pieces are still together, just use your fingers and separate. No problem. And let's do that one more time. This recipe calls for about one cup of chopped mango. And that's what you'll get from a medium sized mango. So again really fast, in case you missed it, I'm gonna go a little faster this time, we'll score the mango. You wanna cut to but not through the skin and you'll feel the pressure so you'll know. And then use the wine glass And just pop that right out, you may have to wiggle it, there we go. Perfect way to get all of that yummy sweet mango fruit out. And I love this recipe too, the dietician in me is about to come out, because mango and strawberries are an awesome source of vitamin C, they both have fiber And when they're in season like they are right now they have even more nutrition, even more abundance. Plus they're so much more affordable right now. So this is a great time and if you're planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo later this week you wanna make this recipe. I love it with the cinnamon tortilla chips. You can also use it on fish or chicken. Now, quickly, jalapeno, here's how I like to chop my jalapeno, different ways. Biggest thing about jalapeno, you wanna watch out for those seeds. I just score right down through, I don't cut all the way through. But then I go around the top, and again don't cut all the way through. But I'm just cutting through that little bit of skin. The inside of a jalapeno looks just like the inside of a bell pepper. Oops, and I cut all the way through, but we'll just pretend like I didn't. You can open this up And there's all the seeds. So, again just like you did with the mango lay your knife flat and you just want to remove all of the seeds and scrape them away. You don't want to touch the seeds and then touch your eyes. That would be bad news. Now, if you had done that, if I had done that the right way, normally what you can do Is when you cut around the top this whole inner core just peels right out. So let me scrape all those seeds off. Now if you do like a little bit of heat feel free to leave the seeds in. For my crew we don't go for heat as much with my little ones. So I do like the bit of crunch and flavor that jalapeno gives. But I do leave the seeds out. So all these little white parts, most of this has come out. That membrane, if there's any extra white membrane just cut those little pieces out, not a lot of flavor there. And then you wanna make long batons, just long strips. Cuz I like I like my jalapeno finely diced. So I'm just gonna line all these little sticks up, just like it was firewood or something. There you go, so line those up and then just chop, chop, chop. Watch those fingers, keep your fingers back when you chop. But you just walk your fingers down I'm using my sharp knife again to chop chop chop all these jalapeno. Once I've all the jalapeno, just use my knife and I'll scoop it up, pop it right into that bowl. Now, if you want to use red onion you can add some red onion. And then finally I like to use just a little bit of lime juice. So roll the lime on the counter to help get as much juice out as possible. Give it a squeeze. That just brightens up the flavor. I also like to add a pinch a sugar, maybe just a little pinch of salt. That salt helps to brighten the flavors. Stir this up. Going to tear some cilantro Add the cilantro to it. Cilantro is an optional ingredient. This does have a little bit more of a Mexican flair with the jalapeno and the lime. I do like adding the cilantro, and I'm just gonna add this to my bowl. And we are finished. Now make sure to find this recipe, you can go to The recipe is right there on my blog. Also make sure you share this recipe and subscribe to Southern Living so you'll be able to see everything that we are posting on Southern Living and they'll have a link to this recipe on their Facebook page and Instagram as well. I'm so excited to connect with all of you guys today. I hope you have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo. I hope all of our moms have a great Mother's Day and let us know if you like this video, if you like this recipe. And absolutely let us know what else you want to see. I'll be back every Monday with more fun recipes and tips. They're going to be healthy, they'll be family friendly and I'd love to know what you guys are looking for. So again make sure you subscribe. To Southern living and Holly Granger nutrition and like this post and don't forget to share it. Hope you guys all have a great week, see you soon. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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