How To Pack Lunches For A Picky Eater

Registered dietitian and mom Holley Grainger is no stranger to packing lunches for her two little girls. If you've got a child who's a picky eater, Holley recommends these easy tips to get in all the food groups for a delicious and healthy lunch away from home.


Hey everybody am registered dietitian and mom Holley Grainger, and I pack little healthy lunch boxes every single day for my two girls. THey go to school year round which means we are always packing lunches. And am often asked on my social media channels What to do about packing a lunch for a picky eater. So often people tell me, my child doesn't like this and they don't like this and they don't like this, and their school is nut free and I don't know what to pack. And to that I always tell them, think about what your child does like and actually write it down, physically write it down and make a list of yes foods or favorite foods, or whatever you wanna call it. And think through all of the food groups and beyond just what you may serve them over and over again if you're in that rut to help come up with some new and fresh ideas. Something else that I love to do is I like to bring my children in to help with the planning. So whether that's starting at the grocery store phase or it's bringing them into the kitchen with me I'm helping choose the items that go into their lunch box. Involving your children in packing is really key and crucial in helping to expand their pallets. Think about the things they like. Maybe they like grilled chicken. Well, maybe that would mean they would like a grilled chicken sandwich. Think about those items and think of other ways to find some variety in their lunch box. Something else that I love to do with my yoghurt. Now the girls really like sweetened yoghurt and when I try to serve them plain unflavored yoghurt, I always get the noses turned up. So I often serve half and half yoghurt. So I use half sweetened and half plain. It still has that really sweet flavor but it's cut the sugar and the calories in half. Something else that I do because I know they love the chocolate, Is if I am using something like a plain yogurt or a half and half yogurt, I'll grate some chocolate on top. Just a little bit of grated shavings like this that cover the cup, a teaspoon of chocolate at most. But when you grate it, it spreads it around And it lets them see. I have a lot of chocolate in my lunch box. Let's say your children love potato chips. Why don't you try something like roasted chickpeas. Now, they may turn up their noses, and that happens. But it's worth a try because these little roasted chickpeas are so crunchy, and flavorful, and if you make them with just a little olive oil and salt. They have a very similar taste and texture To potato chips but they also have all of the benefits of chick peas like fiber and protein. Another idea to try, instead of melon, if that's something they like is mango. Mango is sweet, it has a nice kick to it, it's tangy And it might be something different. So it's all about expanding the palates and not being afraid to try something different. Sure give your child one of their safe foods, let something in this lunch box be something that you know they like. But then have a little bit of fun experimenting with some other foods and you may just find some new favorite foods for your little ones. If you enjoy these tips, if you have a picky eater I wanna hear about it. Tell me in the comments, and tell me some things that you like to do to help combat the pickies. How do you not just serve them the same thing over and over each day? It's really about thinking outside the box. If you love this video, give me a thumbs up, and make sure to subscribe to my channel. And then you can find more of my healthy little lunch boxes on Instagram. As well as on my blog. I hope you have a wonderful school year and good luck with packing those lunch boxes. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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