ABCs of Lunch Box Packing

Holley Grainger is a registered dietitian and mom to two little girls – so she's always putting together healthy lunches for her little ones. Following these ABCs, you can simplify the packing process to make sure your kids have the fuel they need to learn and grow.


Hi everybody. I'm registered dietitian and mom Holley Grainger and I am also a chronic lunchbox packer. I have two little girls, Ellie who is four and Frances who is two. And they both have been at Mothers' day out of preschool their whole life which means that I am constantly packing lunchboxes but I don't mind and I've actually learned quite a bit. Just why I wanna share my ABC's of lunchbox packing with you. A Aim for balance. Now, I'm putting on my dietician hat here, because when you pack a lunchbox you've really want to think about balance in all the food groups. I love things like canned green beans is a favorite of my girls working in produce like strawberries. Something else I love to do. Is make a sandwich with a waffle. I'm using a whole grained waffles, so again with that balance, go for whole grain and then I'm using low sodium turkey for some iso-protein. B, bring your children in. The girls love to help pack lunchboxes. They help me cut these little pieces of cheese, they'll toast their waffle We try to pack at night to make mornings a little bit less crazy. It doesn't always happen but when I can pack them at night that's usually when I bring them in. We think about what they want to eat for the day. And I usually find that on the days that they help me pack their lunch boxes come home Pretty close to empty. They chose all their favorite foods. I offer healthy varieties, and healthy options. And they they pack what they want. And even at two and four they know what they want to eat. And finally c, that stands for chill, and i'm talking to you mom and dad because Even with my girls who are trained lunch-box eaters, there are days that the lunch comes home and they haven't touched anything. And it's not personal, it's just may mean that may they weren't hungry, may be they were having a bigger snack or may be they didn't love the food. But just because they didn't like something today doesn't mean they may not like it in a few days. There it is, mom and dads, the A B Cs of lunchbox packing. I hope you'll follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I share the girls' lunchboxes daily. I also love to help parents, offer tips, answer questions, and just give advice. So follow me there, and then definitely don't forget to subscribe.
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