Lighter Chocolate-Covered Cherry Pies

Looking for a snack to fulfill your sweet tooth, but trying to stay on the lighter side? These Chocolate-Covered Cherry "Pies" from registered dietitian Holley Grainger are made with fresh, tart cherries and decadent dark chocolate.


Hi, everybody, I'm Holly Grainger. I'm a registered dietician and mom to two little girls that are obsessed with sweets. And to be quite honest I am too. So I'm making chocolate covered cherry pies. So start by pitting your cherries. Now if you don't have a cherry pitter I often use either a chopstick or just the top of a piping bag and I'll set this down and then place the cherry right on top. Use a little bit of pressure and push that pip right through. It removes the pip and you don't lose all of the cherry. It's a safe way for my girls to help me pick cherries without we're having to worry about them cutting their fingers. Once you've pitted your cherries, make your cherry pie. So just smear half of a gram cracker with whipped cream cheese or plain greek yogurt. Top with fresh cherries and then drizzle with melted chocolate. And there you go. It's just that easy. Four ingredients. A quick, weeknight dessert, and certainly something that your family is sure to love. If you love this recipe idea, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe, and then check back every week for more recipes that your family is sure to love. I hope you enjoy. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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