How to Grill Pizza

Marian Cairns, Southern Living Test Kitchens Professional, shares one of her favorite summer meals.


Hi, I'm Marian with The Southern Living Test Kitchen. Grilled pizza is one of my favorite things to make, especially in the summer and fall. It's really easy and it starts with pizza dough that you can pick up at your grocery store. Look for it in the bakery, and if you don't see it you can always swing by a pizza restaurant on the way home. Start out by sprinkling the surface with flour and a little bit of corn meal. This'll give it a nice crunch. Turn out your dough onto the surface. And you're gonna punch it down. Right, we're going to roll this out. Let me sprinkle a little flower on top so it doesn't stick to my rolling pin. And roll this to about a quarter inch thickness. If you want a dough that's a little bit thicker, you don't have to go that thin. But I like it really crunchy. Okay, this looks about right. Before I turn this onto the baking sheet, I'm gonna cover the baking sheet with that same mixture of flower and cornmeal. This will help it slide off the baking sheet pretty easily when we get to the grill. You can also do this on a wooden cutting board, or a cookie sheet. There we go. We're ready to grill. You want to make sure your grill is pre-heated about 350, which is about medium heat. We're gonna slide the dough directly onto the grill grate that we've lightly greased before we pre-heated. And we're gonna let this cook for about four minutes. We're gonna give the pizza crust a quarter turn before we add the toppings. This'll make sure that the crust bakes evenly. Let's top the pizza now. I have a little bit of refrigerated pesto. This is one of the best products to keep on hand, you can just toss this with vegetables or pasta for a quick week night dinner. Now, we're gonna add some sauteed shrimp, peppers, and onion. To save time, you could always use precooked shrimp that you pick up in the seafood department at your grocery store. Be sure to spread those toppings evenly too. And last, but not least, let's have the cheese. We're using Parmesan here, so you don't have to use a lot, but there'll be a lot of flavor in it. We're gonna close the grill and let this bake for about 3-5 more minutes or until the crust is cooked through and the cheese is melted. man, that smells great. Use your tongs and just pull the pizza back onto that baking sheet. Be sure to shut off your grill too. Ok, we're back from the grill. This looks great. I really think you'll like how the grill gives the dough a great flavor and texture. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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