5 Tips For Perfect Gravy

Rich gravy is divine over all of our Thanksgiving staples – a juicy turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and even cornbread dressing. Make perfect gravy every time with these easy tips from Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin.


Here are 5 tips to making great gravy. Relax. Gravy is all about the technique, so it's okay if you don't have perfect measurements. Make a quick roux. After you get your bird out of the pan sprinkle a light dusting of flour over the fond at the bottom of the pan. Fond is just a fancy word for tasty drippings and crisp bits that are left in the pan after the turkey is removed. Use a whisk to incorporate the flour into the fond and do this over a medium heat. The whisk will help keep the mixture smooth. You want it to be the consistency of wet sand. Have a hot broth ready. If your broth is hot it will incorporate better into the roux and your gravy will be smoother. Start by pouring a couple of cups of hot stock into the roux and whisk. Bring your mixture to a boil because you wanna cook the flour. Otherwise, your gravy will have an unpleasant floury taste. If you think you need more gravy or it's too thick, simply add stock, continue whisking, and bring to a boil again. Season your gravy at the end. If you season at the beginning you might end up with gravy that's the perfect consistency but too salty. So achieve your desired consistency first then season. Find more cooking tips on SouthernLiving.com.
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