Deep-Fried Candy Corn

Just in time for Halloween, Test Kitchen Professional Norman King is deep frying candy corn. You'll be the most popular house on the block if you pass out these treats!


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Norman, from the Southern Living Test Kitchen. In the south we take deep frying seriously so in celebration of Halloween, I'm gonna deep fry, candy corn. Now to do it, I've taken some of these candy corn, so they should be pretty soft and we'll roughly chop them up. Til you get something about this consistency or so. Once that's done, have a couple cups of baking mix, which is like Bisquick. We'll crack an egg. Add it to it. And then we'll add just enough buttermilk until this gets really thick, because we want this batter to be dense. So now we've got our batter, and I'm gonna add about a cup or so of our chopped candy corn. And since these are primarily made of sugar, I'm gonna add a little bit of corn flakes to this, so that gives it some crunch. [NOISE] And now we're ready to fry, and I'm gonna use an ice cream scoop, so that way it keeps everything contained And I'm gonna drop them into the oil which is at 350 degrees, let them cook for 30 seconds to a minute. [MUSIC] I'm actually gonna turn these quite frequently. That way the whole thing gets golden brown. And don't worry if the candy corns oozing out of your fried candy corn. It's supposed to. [SOUND] Okay, so these have just come out the oil. And they are magnificent looking. You can see all the really cool colors of the candy corn coming through. And the longer that they're sitting, they're kinda developing this little syrupy glaze on the outside. Which is gonna be perfect. Cuz I'm gonna top these with a little bit of powdered sugar. So for this, you just throw them into a boil and then you just sprinkle a little bit of powered sugar on top. And this is a Halloween treat that you will never forget. [MUSIC].
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