Fresh Take on Salsa

Get a fresh take on salsa, learn about the healthy benefits of avocados, and try these tips for storing fresh soups from our kitchen editors.
Donna Florio
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Fresh Take on Salsa
Orange and avocado pair wonderfully together with their pleasing contrast of textures. Serve this marvelous relish with grilled, baked, or sautéed fish.

All About Avocados
Buttery avocados are available year-round, thanks to complementary growing seasons in California, Chile, and Mexico. Though you may have enjoyed them mainly in Southwestern cuisine, avocados work well in a variety of dishes. They're a staple in sushi, taste wonderful in salads, and tame fiery curries. Mash avocado slices on a piece of toast, and sprinkle with salt and pepper for a healthful snack or light breakfast.

Avocados do have a high fat content, but it's monounsaturated, which is excellent for heart health. And they're packed with fiber and vitamin C.

  1. To pick a ripe avocado, don't squeeze the sides. Instead, gently grasp the top and bottom; the stem end should yield to gentle pressure.
  2. Use the tip of a spoon to lift out the seed. Or gently squeeze the sides of the avocado, and lift the seed out with your fingers.
  3. Coax an avocado out of its shell by gently sliding a spatula or a large spoon between the flesh and the skin.