[MUSIC] Okra's a classic southern vegetable, and we love it fried. We're gonna talk about three different ways to fry it. Slicing it, frying it whole, and a really cool thing of smashing it to create this really beautiful splintery dramatic piece of fried okra. First thing we're gonna do is talk about slicing our okra. The larger pods are a little tougher, a little more woody. So they're better to slice in little rounds which helps them become tender when we fry them. This breading for okra is to start with a little buttermilk. We love for that to swim around in there, coat it pretty thoroughly. Again these tiny rounds Will gonna fry up really quick, its super crispy, now we're gonna fry this in some canola oil, hit it to about 350 degrees, we wanna cook these little pieces of okra and you see its gonna happen real quick it get nice and crispy, and 2 or 3 minutes we've got delicious crispy okra. [MUSIC] The majority of the okra you're gonna find during summer months is gonna be these beautiful little medium sized pods. You wanna quickly take off the stem end. You're gonna give this nice little buttermilk bath, just like the others. I'm just gonna toss these in the cornmeal. And then we're ready to go to the fryer. [MUSIC] As we carefully lower these pods into the oil. Cook these at 350 degrees and you've got this beautiful natural whole fried okra. A really great way to fry okra is to take these medium to kinda larger pods and we smash them. When you smash it, it really gives a nice spidery look to it. And it's also, it's really fun to do. Gonna take a little buttermilk. And into the cornmeal. Again, in canola at 350. All right, two or three minutes. And there we have this beautiful Southern classic. Smashed fried ocra. For more southern summer classics, visit Southern Living. Delicious.
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