Chef Frank Stitt's Oven Roast Trout

Chef Frank Stitt demonstrates how to prepare his famous Oven Roast Trout dish.


This is Frank Stitt. And I'm here at Bottega Cafe. And I'm gonna be doing oven-roasted rainbow trout. And it's gonna be a, a real simple little dish. I've got my fresh trout, butter, and salt, and pepper. And [NOISE] What I like to do is to roast it skin side up. So it gets really nice and crispy, in this super hot pizza oven. [SOUND] What I'm going to be doing with that is just a simple relish [SOUND] with some roasted Vidalia onion. And these. Trying the onion's really brings out a super nice smokiness, as well as the sweetness of the onion and I kind of like a little bit of the charred skin. I'm going to leave these kind of in sizeable pieces just sliced length-wise so what I've got is some fresh basil. You know, there's an old saying that some Italians think it's bad luck to chop the basil, they always tear it. I, I don't think I completely agree with that. Because chopping I think is all right. But when you can, tearing basil really does bring out a little bit more of the aroma, and I think that's probably a good thing. Some fresh mint. And this is very healthy. I mean, very light. Some picked parsley leaves. Some lemon juice. A little tiny bit of this is some, a really nice red wine vinegar. A Garnacha Spanish red wine vinegar that I love. Some good Italian extra virgin olive oil. A little bit of salt and pepper. You know, I love just rainbow trout. It's one of those farmed fishes that is very mild. I think they're beautiful. I'm just trying to get a little bit more char on the outside. You see, it's only taking a couple of minutes. I'm also going to have a watercress salad. I've got some radishes and feta. These are from I think, Michael Dean, a local farmer, and he does a wonderful job with radishes. And just slicing them, you know, close to service is a good idea. And just tossing those up. And I love this kind of pink and green and the little chunky. [SOUND] The white of the feta. So you see these nice kind of crispy skin. It smells nice. And it cooks really quickly in a super hot oven. But I think, for most people, this would take maybe about eight minutes in the oven. And what you want is that crispiness of the skin. And then I'm gonna serve this watercress, feta and radish salad. A little bit of this onion and herb relish. And you know, it's a very healthy food that we do here at the Botega Cafe. That's just a really delicious little roast rainbow trout.
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