6 Essential Tools Every Grill Master Needs

Grilling is a Southern tradition. Whether you're firing up some hamburgers for the family's dinner, or cooking steaks for company, or searing some ballpark franks at the tailgate, grilling your meals is a flavorful and healthier cooking option. We're joined by Fire & Flavor founders Davis and Gena Knox out of Athens, Georgia to share their secrets for the grilling tools that they can't live without. These six essential grilling tools will help simplify your mealtimes, give you the best flavors, and make sure that you're cooking safely.


Hey I'm David Knox. And I'm Jenna Knox, and we're the founders of Fire & Flavor. We're here to share with you our essential grilling tools to help keep your summer grilling experience a success. One of the most important grilling tools any cook can have is some interlocking, heat resistant handled tongs. Another important thing to have when growing is a variety of really flavorful all natural rubs. So whether you're cooking chicken or pork or seafood a wide variety of really good flavors will get your meals off to a great start. And one of my other favorite grilling tools is the grilling basket. And this is perfect when you're cooking any kind of vegetable. It makes cooking outdoors super easy and you don't even have to turn your oven on inside. At Fire & Flavor, we believe flavor starts with fire. So I wanted to show you a few items that we think are true grilling essentials. One of them is the cedar grilling plank. Cedar planks are really a foolproof way to cook seafood. And a lot of people know cedar planks for cedar plank salmon. The plank is actually gonna go right on top of your grill. And it's gonna add a light, smoky flavor to your foods. We also like to keep a spray bottle of water nearby when we're Doing any type of cedar plank cooking. That way, if you get any kind of flames around the plank, you can spritz those out. We also think that it's really important to use an all-natural fire starter and an all-natural charcoal. With these particular starters that we're showing you today, they're made of paper board and a little bit of paraffin wax. So they have a nice clean burn. We also use our natural charcoals, along charcoal in particular. These are chemical free and they're made from American hard woods shock as oak and hickory. That oak and hickory are gonna is gonna give you a nice little flavour and it's gonna make your stake or your stamen turn out perfect. For more glorious ration visit us ar farmfloavor.com. [MUSIC]
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