2 Easy Ways To Freeze Soups & Stews

Learn the best way to freeze big batches of soups and stews with these tips from Deputy Food Director Whitney Wright.


Here's our favorite way to freeze big batches of soups and stews. You'll need an empty cereal box, and a large zip-top bag. Tuck the bag into the cereal box, and fold the top over. Now, you have a stable setup to ladle your soup into the bag. Transfer the soup into the bag, close it, and freeze it upright or flat in the box. When it's frozen this way, it's the perfect shape to stack neatly in your freezer. If you'd rather have individual portions instead of one large batch, ladle the soup into muffin tins and freeze. When they're frozen, pop them out of the muffin tins, and store in a plastic freezer bag. Re-heat the individual portions as needed. Find more cooking tips on southernliving.com.
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