It’s hard to believe that seven super common, probably-already-in-your-pantry ingredients can be combined to make this mouthwatering pound cake. Seriously. You just need one-cup of butter, one-and-a-half cups of sugar, three large eggs, two cups of all-purpose soft-wheat flour, a half-cup of milk, a half-teaspoon of almond extract, and a half-teaspoon of vanilla extract. In addition to requiring just a few ingredients, the this pound cake recipe only takes fifteen minutes of hands on prep time followed by about an hour of cook time and another hour to cool. This gives you just enough time to go to the store to buy ice cream and other tasty pound cake garnishes like fresh berries or chocolate syrup while it’s baking. Or do the dishes and fully lick the mixing bowl and beaters. We won’t blame you. While it’s cooling you can go take a power walk to work up an appetite. Simple to bake and delicious to eat, this classic cake will be a favorite with you and your family. So, grab these seven easy ingredients from your pantry and bake a pound cake that tastes like a million bucks. We'd recommend bringing one to the neighbors and sharing at a backyard picnic, as well – just be prepared to hand out your recipe. Also note: it’s easy to double or triple the recipe to make extra pound cakes. This classic cake is a Southern dish that freezes well and it works as the foundation for some great Southern recipes. Because of the pound cake’s tidy shape inside a bundt pan, it travels very well. If a pared down, plain pound cake is not your style, there are tons of other more elaborate pound cake recipes or dress it down. Think of the pound cake like your favorite pair of jeans – it is a reliable staple that works well anywhere and with anyone.

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