Deep-Fried Thanksgiving Dressing

In honor of Thanksgiving, Test Kitchen Professional Norman King turns a Thanksgiving essential into a fried one-bite appetizer.


[MUSIC]. Hey, I'm Norman from the Southern Living test kitchen, and in honor of Thanksgiving I'm gonna deep fry dressing. Now the way I'm gonna do that is really similar to a hush puppy. I'm just gonna change the flavors around a little bit and make it really festive, fun. For the holidays and you guys are gonna have to try this. To start off, we have a little bit of butter. And I'm gonna add in some chopped celery, onions and some Conecuh sausage right into this pan. And we'll cook it over medium high heat just until the onions are tender. I'm starting off with a Southern Living squash puppies recipe and I've basically just adapted it. For, the holidays, by adding a little bit of Alabama Conecuh sausage, which is diced up in here, and we're gonna add a little bit of poultry seasoning and some chopped fresh sage to kind of boost up that holiday flavor. To make the dressing puppies, we start off with a little bit of self rising cornmeal, some flour. A dash of salt and pepper and a little bit of poultry seasoning. Then we'll add in some buttermilk and an egg, and we whisk this together. And once that's incorporated we'll add our onions, sausage and celery mixture that we cooked. But I let this cool for about 15 minutes or so, and that way it won't cook the egg when it goes in. And then I'll add chopped fresh chives and chopped fresh sage as well. Now the consistency of this is really ideal because we don't want to make it like a traditional dressing, because it would be really soupy and difficult to fry before you actually baked it. So this way we're actually killing two birds with one stone. We have all the flavors in there and we have the right texture at the same time. [MUSIC] So now I'm ready to fry, and I'm gonna use a little small ice cream scoop instead of a spoon because it allows me to get a proper portion size, and it's a lot easier, keeps your hands from getting dirty. I fry these at about 350 degrees for a minute or so until they're golden brown. And I try to do no more than four or five at a time. That way, I can keep my eye on them. [MUSIC] Okay, so these look fantastic. They're the right color, they look really close to regular hush puppies. So we put some on this plate here, and I wanna show you something. When you open it up, it's got that sausage, and the Flavors of the sage, and the celery and onions in there, and to make this just even better I took some regular cranberry sauce and I jazzed it up just a little bit with some fresh jalapenos that are finely chopped and some orange right to it, nothing else. And you just put that on top of this and, mm. It's like a handheld holiday, it's great.
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